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Why Now?

In 1990, Roger Maris Cancer Center opened its doors for the first time—a historic moment made possible by people, like you, who saw a need and generously stepped forward to bring a bold vision to life.

Over the past three decades, the spirit of philanthropy has shaped a legacy of excellence at Roger Maris, giving hope and healing to our loved ones and neighbors across the region and beyond.

But while our mission at Roger Maris has not changed, cancer treatment and the needs of our patients have.

Over the past 10 years:


The opportunity

Sanford Health is in the midst of a multi-year effort to renovate thousands of additional square feet at Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center, making way for a major expansion of cancer programs and services.

With your support for the Reimagine campaign, we can seize this extraordinary opportunity to realize lifesaving possibilities we once only dreamed about.

Altogether, these investments will:

  • Save more lives, close to home
  • Position Roger Maris as a national hub for cancer research and care
  • Revitalize downtown Fargo