2021 GABR Stars

Each year GABR Stars are selected to serve as ambassadors for the race. These individuals have received assistance through dollars raised by GABR teams and riders. They help us promote the race by sharing their stories of the impact that GABR has had on them. This year our GABR Stars are:


Grant Edwards

Grant Edwards has a heart of gold. The 11-year-old would do anything for anyone and can put a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

While Grant looks like a typical 11-year-old to most people, he lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The rare genetic disease causes the muscles to become weak and damaged over time. Many people with Duchenne are wheelchair-bound by 12 years old, and the disease is often fatal.

Despite his prognosis, Grant stays positive. With medication and physical therapy, Grant hopes to keep walking and gaining independence for as long as he can.

Support for the Great American Bike Race (GABR) has helped make some of Grant’s successes possible. Grant has received essential equipment like a stairlift, bath chair, stretch mat, night splints and an electric scooter to help him get around on long distances.

“GABR funding has helped Grant so very much, as most medical equipment is not covered by insurance,” Grant's mom, Mallory, said. “I can honestly say without these things he couldn’t function on a daily basis, so we are sincerely grateful for the help. Words can’t even express our gratitude.”

By supporting GABR, you help kids like Grant reach for the stars. 


Nora Frank

Nora Frank loves music. The 5-year-old struggles to talk and walk, but that doesn’t stop her from humming, singing and bringing joy to others.

Nora and her family have been on a rollercoaster ride since she was born at just 25 weeks gestation. Her premature birth led to 100 days in the NICU, and Nora suffered a brain bleed.

The brain damage limits her movement, especially on her right side, and led to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. But that hasn’t stopped Nora from making incredible strides in the last few years, even taking a few steps during therapy.

With support from GABR, the family was able to modify their vehicle to be handicap accessible and add a covered addition to their home, connecting it with their previously detached garage. The modification has reduced Nora’s time spent outside during the winter and helps keep her healthy and out of the hospital.

GABR funds have also helped Nora get the therapy she needs to thrive. Nora and her family live in Hazen, North Dakota, and travel nearly 150 miles round trip twice a week to Sanford Children’s Pediatric Therapy in Bismarck. The family has received assistance for transportation and therapy costs.

“GABR has helped us immensely,” said Nora's dad, Jeff. “The thing I always tell people is 100% of that money goes to families in need, just like my family.”

By supporting GABR, you help kids like Nora reach for the stars.

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